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Austin Touchstone Builders - iSPAN TOTALJOIST

TotalJoist is an easy to install cold-formed steel floor joist that offers a robust, simplified framing solution compared to traditional wood or steel joists. The proprietary design allows TotalJoist to be installed similar to wood I-joists. With the superior strength and structural integrity of steel, TotalJoist is the most accommodating joist in the floor framing industry.

TotalJoist will save you time and money, and provide efficiencies in installation. Architects love TotalJoist’s ability to dramatically increase design options by allowing for unprecedented spans that create larger, open space rooms with higher strength.

Designed specifically to work with all wall structures including wood framing, steel framing, masonry and and ICF, TotalJoist can be quickly and easily assembled by any framing team or trade.

VIBRATION CONTROL iSPAN’s vibration-controlled floor design means TotalJoist floors deliver industry leading comfort. Our proprietary software accounts for the effects of the supporting structure and has been calibrated based on real world testing of actual buildings.

HIGH FIRE AND ACOUSTIC RATINGS Non-combustible with a One-Hour Fire Rating (UL, ULC Rated) and 50 STC Acoustic Rating with a single layer of gypsum.

UNMATCHED SPANS Unmatched clear span vs. I-wood allows for open design and bigger rooms. Up to 30% greater spans than engineered lumber.

DIMENSIONALLY STABLE Manufactured to a tight tolerance in a quality controlled environment. Inherent nature of steel means no shrinking, twisting, warping, etc., or damage from termites or mold.

ELIMINATE BULKHEADS Eliminate bulkheads to create more modern and spacious rooms that make units more marketable in today’s market.

MORE DESIGN OPTIONS Create higher ceilings, slimmer bulkheads and decreased floor depth using a lower-profile joist that is up to 30% shallower than i-wood.

GREEN FRIENDLY 100-year+ life expectancy, highly durable, reclaimable, recyclable, dismantle-able and made from recycled materials.

EASE FOR FOLLOW-UP TRADES Reduce the complexity of service-heavy follow-up trades by taking advantage of large pre-cut service and wiring openings.

LESS WASTE Designed and delivered to site pre-cut to required lengths and quantities specific to each job, TotalJoist makes for a cleaner construction site and less waste material to dispose of.

ADJUSTABLE END CONNECTORS Easily make adjustments needed on site.

HANDLE AND CARRY Pick and place just like wood with no cranes or lifts.

3D MODELLING Resolve issues and reduce errors with pre-construction planning.

AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE DEPTHS Total Joist is available in 9 1/2″, 11 7/8″, 14″ and 16″

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