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Austin Touchstone Builders has developed unique building science skills and a second to none sub-contractor network to build beautiful, energy efficient utilizing Net-Zero and Passive House construction techniques, at a cost comparable to traditionally constructed homes. We engineer our homes for energy-efficiency, durability, Health and comfort. We offer our clients the best in technology incorporating insulated concrete walls formed with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) or 2 x 6 framed walls insulated with spray foam insulation, High Performance windows, doors, lighting, High Efficiency appliances, High Efficiency HVAC systems intergrated with ERV systems, providing hospital quality air filtration, Smart Home Systems, and photo-voltaic (solar panels). Our focus on the details enables us to deliver an extremely energy efficient home that looks as good as it performs and compliments the environment.

ATB provides each of our clients a truly tailored building experience resulting in a one of a kind custom home. Our homes provide a thermally sealed envelope reducing energy bills as much as 80%. Compared to traditional homes, our Net-Zero homes are superior structures resistant to tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, forest fires and termites, while delivering lower overall operational cost, lower frequency of maintenance and results in a very quiet, comfortable and healthy home.

Austin Touchstone Builders has experience building with heavy gauge steel up to 5 stories, light gauge steel framing for interior walls & radius roof systems, solar power systems for “off grid” and “net metering”, natural well or rain collection water systems.  We have extensive experience constructing homes on steep sloping hills and in flood plains, on ranch land or local communities with architectural styles of Contemporary, Mediterranean, Craftsman, Ranch, and more.

We build Net-Zero homes throughout the Austin area, including Spicewood, Leander, Burnet, Bee Caves, Lake Travis and Westlake. Let us put our experience to work for you coupling your vision with our unique skill set to make your dream home a reality.

Austin Touchstone Builders has experience in raised concrete floor systems utilizing cold steel Joists, creating beautiful polished concrete floors in many unique styles.

Meet the Family

Phil Bryant is an accomplished and respected entrepreneur and has been running successful businesses since 2002.  After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in 1981, Phil has engaged in a broad and diverse career focused on construction, energy, and real estate management / development.  Phil co-founded ATB in 2017 and  in January 2019, purchased his partner's interest in the Company and is now the sole owner.   Phil completed his Passive House Tradesperson (Contractor) certification in April, 2019 through the The Passive House Institute (PHI), https://passiv.de/en/index.html

ATB was recognized as a U.S. Department of Energy Partner in May of 2019.

Jean Bryant is a retired Pediatrician, who co-owned a large successful practice in Sugar Land Texas. She serves as our Office Manager, Book Keeper and interior design coordinator.  Jean enjoys teaching Jazzercise and volunteering at local schools and our church.

Trent Bryant is currently enrolled at Texas State University studying Contruction science, management and Concrete design. Trent serves as ATB's Junior Superintendent and WebMaster. Trent has six years experience in the construction industry.

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