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Harding Heating & Air Conditioning is about more than just keeping your family comfortable, we also want to make sure our services offer you the best opportunity to live in a healthy home with excellent indoor air quality.

That ties into everything we do. Older HVAC systems and ones that use ducts can often collect more dust and debris than other systems and will lower your indoor air quality, which is why we offer alternatives like in-floor radiant heating and high-velocity HVAC systems. They use either less ducts or no ducts at all, which eliminates the part of the process that disturbs any pollutants and distributes them into your home.

Situations like these can get so bad that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), states that indoor air quality can be between two to five times worse than outdoor air.

If anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma, these effects are only magnified.

That’s why on top of the high quality system upgrades we offer, there are also add-ons that can help you have a healthy home. Here are three products that we recommend if you have concerns about your indoor air quality:

Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers are systems that, in addition to the filter already installed in your furnace or air handler, will help remove airborne allergens such as mold, mites, pollen, bacteria and other pollutants.

An air purifier is an excellent way to improve the air filtration in your home without significantly decreasing the air flow in your system, which can lead to many issues with your home comfort.


Energy Recovery Ventilators and Heat Recovery Ventilators are two systems that exchange stale, stagnant air that would usually get trapped in your home, for something fresh from the outdoors while maintaining all of your ideal comfort settings such as humidity and temperature.

Many people will just open a window in their home when things start to feel a little stale, but that can have some negative effects on your indoor air quality.

When you open a window it affects the humidity and temperature in your home, which causes your heating and cooling systems to run longer cycles and disturb more pollutants. Not only that, but unless you clean them regularly, window screens can collect a great deal of allergens which will be distributed into your home as soon as you open a window.

If you already have an ERV or HRV, click here to learn how to clean it. That can improve your indoor air quality as well!


We offer whole-home humidifiers that attach directly to your air distribution system. These are for the winter so that you can avoid the broken-lip blues (often the first sign of dry air), and you should actually shut them off or switch them to summer mode in the warmer months.

For de-humidification, most of our air conditioners already have that function built in. Multi-split ductless systems work especially well for de-humidification because of the amount of units able to perform the process throughout your new, healthy home.

Most of your time and your family’s time is spent at home, so if you can improve the air quality for when you’re awake and sleeping, you’ll be much happier there and outside of the house.

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